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The meeting we had Becky Cook speak at was the most well-attended meeting we have ever had in the 30 years this organization has been going. She does a great job and has a very entertaining presentation whether you believe in Bigfoot or not and was most considerate of those who were a little skeptical. We enjoyed having her speak!

Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Yeti or Hairy Man of the Woods a myth or a reality? Whether you're a true believer, a skeptic or somewhere in between, you'll find Becky Cook a fascinating presenter and her book "Bigfoot Lives in Idaho" a compelling read. It's obvious she's a believer and she's done the research to back it up. I know that I'll keep one eye open when I'm in the mountains.

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MARTY ELLIS, President of
Bingham County Historical Society


Vice President of Zions Connect
& former Burley Idaho Lions Club President




If home is where the heart is, Becky Armstrong’s heart is located in multiple places. It shares a home with each of her ten children and nine grandchildren but it still has plenty of room for additional grandchildren and multiple friends. She shares her home with a semi-retired surfer dude, a semi-insane Labrador retriever, assorted chickens, and four of the neighbor’s cats. She is almost always barefoot and prefers life lived outside to indoors.

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